Exchange of good practice – Study visit in Madrid

Association Duga, along with representatives of the partner organizations Subversive Front / Subversive Front , Iskorak, LGBT Forum Progres – Montenegro and Sarajevo Open Center participated in a conference on social entrepreneurship organized by Colegas – Confederación LGBT Española from Madrid as part of a study visit. The study visit is organized as the second activity of Erasmus + project “Coming Out of Unemployment” with the aim of economic empowerment of young LGBT people.
The conference was opened by Manuel Rodenas – coordinator of the LGBT community in Madrid, Javier Nieto Garcia – in charge of social integration in Madrid and Francisco Ramirez Martin – President of the organization Colegas from Madrid.
In the second part of the conference the participants had the opportunity to hear examples of good practice from representatives of social enterprises from Madrid: Casilda Heraso – Director of Selection of Entrepreneurs Ashoka, Iago Romero Ogando- founder of UrbanDataEye, Federico Armenteros – President Fundación 26 de Diciembre and Javier Jimenez Dorado – Aptent Soluciones.

The first day of study visit in Madrid

The first working day of the study visit in LGBT organization Colegas from Madrid.

The study visit is the second activity of the project “Coming Out of Unemployment” and the aim of activity is to sharing experiences and practice in the field of the social entrepreneurship and LGBT situation in the partners countries.

The first project activity – Preparatory meeting was held in Zagreb

The three-day working meetings with aim to elaborate in detail project management and the division of tasks, as well as creation of documents necessary to successfully implement and monitor the project was held in Zagreb from 16th to 19th of November 2018.  in organization of Iskorak.